Life of a DI Athlete

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From left, Mizzou freshmen Nadia Green, Elle Brown, and former Lebanon basketball standout Kelsey Winfrey hold up their tiger eyes paintings after Canvas on Broadway in Colubmia.

Kelsey Winfrey

Have you ever wondered what DI athletes go through day in and day out during the summer? Former Lebanon basketball standout Kelsey Winfrey will be writing letters back to her hometown to keep the community updated on what her college experience has been like.

Winfrey finished her prestigious basketball career with 2,052 points. She finished her senior season averaging 21.6 points per game, 7.4 rebounds per game, 4.9 steals per game, and 3.6 assists per game. She helped lead the Lady ‘Jackets to their first district championship in 13 years. She was named first team All-State her junior and season year and was named an Ezmark All-American.

Winfrey was a state-qualifier for the Class 4 Cross Country meet and was the Ozark Conference champion in  the 800-meter dash and the triple jump. Winfrey was also apart of the Lebanon volleyball team.

Check out each weekend edition to see a new letter from Winfrey.

Below is Winfrey’s fourth letter back home to Lebanon.

This week has been long and hard! The coaches were gone until Thursday because they were recruiting but we still did all of our workouts and everything. Over the weekend some teammates and I went to the Lake of the Ozarks.It was a lot of fun and great bonding time with them.

On Monday we had a hard workout in the morning. It consisted of weights and some agility exercise. They are really big here about being able to move fast laterally, so we do footwork everyday. I also have class everyday. I have had two quizzes and an exam this week. I have really learned how to manage my time because I have to find time to study and get all my homework in while also getting up extra shots. We are supposed to get up 500 or more shots a day.

Every Wednesday we have team time. This is where the team does something fun together. This week we did Canvas on Broadway. Canvas on Broadway is downtown and everybody has a blank canvas and we all paint the same thing. We had an instructor to help us paint. It was really fun but also challenging at the same time.

Another thing they are really big on is focus. You must be focused in practice at all times or you will be punished. For example, one time this week I was guarding Sophie and she shot a layup and I didn’t say “shot”, so I had to do five pushups. They are really big on the little things so I always have to make sure I’m doing everything they tell me to do.

Every Friday we do pool workouts. This Friday we did a relay race in the pool and I was the last leg. My team was losing by half a lap by the time I got to go. I was able to catch my team up and we ended up beating the other team. When I hopped out of the water all the girls were complimenting me saying,  “Wow Kelsey, you are a fish!” They were asking me how I got to be such a fast swimmer, and I told them I was on the swim team when I was like five and six years old. Then they said, “Man Kelsey, you have done like every sport!”

I am very glad that I did so many sports when I was little.  I am very blessed with great parents that let me try all these sports. I believe that in doing all those sports it has made me into the athlete I am today, and help me find my love for basketball. I don’t think my parents ever told me no when I wanted to try something new (well it did take several years to talk them into football).  I miss everyone, talk to you soon. #LHSMIZ


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