The North Korean threat against our power grid

Joan Hart

Sun Tzu, the second century Chinese military strategist and  author of  “The Art of  War,” the definitive textbook for waging war, wrote: “One who excels at employing the military subjugates other people`s armies without engaging in battle, captures other people’s fortified cities without attacking them, and destroys other people’s states without prolonged fighting.”

Like many of you, I am concerned that the U.S. may be standing at the brink of war with North Korea (DPRK). I have done extensive research hoping to find something that will give me more assuranceb but what I have found could be even worse than what the media is reporting.

In an article published in The American Thinker in 2006, the writer made allegations that the DPRK is working on a missile that could cause an electro- magnetic pulse (EMP) explosion, which could result in a shutdown of our entire electric grid.

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