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Josh Ray

Josh Ray


Another Mayor Forum is in the books, and I feel that it was the most productive meeting of mayors to date. I estimate that at least thirty mayors from across the State of Missouri converged April 7th on Jefferson City for the event, organized by Mayor Sly James of Kansas City and hosted by Mayor Carrie Tergin at “The Linc,” a private-public partnership between Jefferson City and Lincoln University. The Linc made me even more excited about the future Ag Arena, our very own private-public partnership locally.

The event began with Kansas City’s Office of Innovation staff presenting information on various new challenges for municipalities, such as Smart City efforts and new challenges presented by Airbnb and Uber markets. We discussed State and Federal legislative issues in depth, with the focus on advocating for local decision-making.  Governor Greitens addressed the group later in the afternoon and impressed me with his commitment to our State.  He and I have some similarities, as both of us are outsider veterans elected with no prior experience running for office.

Governor Greitens delivered some fantastic news that it is my pleasure to relay to Lebanon. First, he emphatically asserted that Federal REAL ID compliance is just around the corner for Missouri. Without REAL ID compliance, Missouri citizens would be forced to get a passport to travel by plane in the United States or access a military installation.  The Governor has a plan that will allow our own citizenry to decide individually whether they want to opt out of REAL ID compliance.  I believe this to be the best balance of security and freedom, and it is refreshing to see some compromise on the issue.

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