How secure is your personal info?

Joan Hart

Joan Hart


A funny thing happened on the way to my daily meeting with Facebook friends last week. (Remember when TV comedians used a variation of that line back in the old days?) But this was not really funny. Quite frustrating at first, then puzzling and even a little sinister.

When I signed on to my Facebook page I was greeted by Facebook letting me know that I had been blocked from using the site because it had “detected” a bad virus or malware on my computer, and I would have to use another computer or click on the link it provided to “fix” it. If you use a computer regularly you will see two red flags immediately. First of all, nobody wants to have a computer virus, and secondly we know to never click on a suspicious link.

I immediately ran a computer scan using one of the best virus detection software programs on the market today. It showed my computer was clean. I then called a long time friend who works as an computer security specialist in Springfield and he worked with me all day on my computer. We finally came to believe that this was not a scam or a hoax in the usual way those things happen but that it was indeed a message from Facebook designed to get me to click on a security vendor with whom it has a business association, apparently with the intent of both of them making some money off me.

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