Paul and Peggy Nalls earn Yard of the Month

Yard of the Month

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The Sunbonnet Garden Club Yard of the Month for August belongs to Paul and Peggy Nalls of Troutman Drive. The couple has been gradually adding to the yard for the past 14 years.


When he was growing up in Virginia, Paul Nalls spent every Friday night helping to mow around the flowers in his parents’  three-tiered, acre-and-a-half yard, so he made himself a promise: If he ever owned his own property, he wouldn’t have even a bush in his yard.

Today, that promise is in shambles. Nalls and his wife Peggy live in a Troutman Drive residence with landscaping that inspired the Sunbonnet Garden Club to choose their property its August Yard of the Month.

Despite his early plans to avoid gardening, Paul Nalls believes that he owes his current love of flowers to his mother. Peggy Nalls said she has no history with gardening, but she developed an interest after she married Paul. The two have spent the past 14 years gradually adding more features to their property, and Paul Nalls said that they will probably continue working on it for another 14 years.

The couple says that they did not begin with an overarching plan for their yard, but  they continually think of new ideas as they work on the yard.

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Paul Nalls stated, “I was just about done with the front flower bed, and she goes, ‘You know, I think I’d like to have a patio over here.’ She was talking out front, and I said, ‘A patio out front? People don’t put patios out front. She goes, ‘Why not?’ And I said, ‘OK. If you want a patio, I’ll just continue this wall around here and we’ll put a patio out.’ We ended up putting a patio (out). So it’s just ideas that I have, ideas that she has. We just kind of work with each other.”


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