Pampered pets at the fair

LDR photo/Chris Roden

Emcee Sara DuBose interviews Sydnie Wilson and her entry.


In years past, the Pampered Pet Show held at the Mills Center as part of the Laclede County Fair had a turtle in a tutu, a trick performing chicken, a flying squirrel, chinchilla, a horse and a lizard.

This year the event Saturday at 2:00 p.m. had only a homeless rabbit and a lot of dogs and a lot of fun.

“I thought we had a ton of fun. I loved the music and the jokes and the trivia. We had a great group of dogs and one bunny. Next year, we look forward to having the same crew back plus as many more as want to come,” said Sara Johnson, the organizer of the Pampered Pet show for her second year.

Someone left the bunny in the Mills Center Saturday after purchasing it at the rabbit show at the Fair, and one of Johnson’s goals was to find an owner for the pet before the show ended. She did, but not before it won the Smallest Pet category.

“We always like to see some unusual pets come out, so we’ll try to adjust our marketing a little bit to get the unusual pet scene a little better in attendance next year,” Johnson said.

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