A FAMILY TRADITION: Two generations of Poole family compete in draft horse pulls

Draft Horses

LDR photo/Chris Roden

Ranae Poole guides draft horses Butch and Bill as they drag the sled laden with concrete blocks in the draft horse pull at the Laclede County Fair.


Doc and Leroy did not talk before the competition.

They were calm. No jitters here. They stood almost motionless.

They are young athletes. Doc is 11, and Leroy is 8.

They would not answer any questions. They simply stared back with a look that said “I know all.”

This was probably because Doc and Leroy are draft horses entered in the Laclede County Fair’s draft horse pull event.

They know a lot about the sport of draft horse pulling because they have been doing it for a while.

Their owners, Robert Poole, 59, his wife Jackie and their daughter Ranae, 18, of Windyville, have also been enjoying the sport for a while.

They had two teams of horses in the Thursday night draft horse pull competition.

Bill and Butch, two black horses, are 5 years old, and Ranae drove them in the competition while Robert drove Doc and Leroy.

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