Everyone’s favorite X-Man gets the perfect sendoff in ‘Logan’

Grade A


After nearly 20 years of slicing up bad guys as everyone’s favorite mutant, Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is giving the rugged anti-hero the epic, bloody sendoff that he deserves.

Director and co-writer James Mangold, who directed the mostly good “The Wolverine” in 2013, delivers what is not only one of the best in the “X-Men” franchise but one of the best superhero movies ever made. At the same time, I’m not even sure you should call it a superhero movie. Sure, it’s about a guy born with superhuman abilities who can produce metal claws out of his hands at will and heal from just about any injury, but Mangold, channeling his inner John Ford, turns the comic book hero’s swan song into an epic modern-day Western.

After 10 movies, it’s a little hard to keep up with the X-Men franchise, especially with all the convoluted time travel, but thankfully, Mangold and his co-writers, Scott Fank and Michael Green, ditch all that for a standalone picture that hints at the past of the characters but never seems married to all of the goofy twists and turns the franchise had taken over the past couple decades.

“Logan” is set in the not-too-distant kinda dystopian future where mutants are all but extinct. The only survivors are a broken down and alcoholic Logan (Jackman), whose powers barely work any more, a Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who must be kept sedated so he won’t accidentally kill people with his immense telepathic powers, and Caliban (Stephen Merchant), an albino mutant whose power is to track down other mutants.

The three are barely surviving, scraping by day to day while Logan tries to save up enough money to buy a boat, so they can all live happily ever after on the ocean. Before that can happen, though, a new mutant, Laura (Dafne Keen), who is an incredible presence in the film, is discovered and Logan reluctantly agrees to protect her from a group of mercenaries that want to kill her. What follows is nearly two hours of an intense and bloody chase across the nation as Logan tries to get Laura to a mutant safe haven known as Eden.

“Logan” is no doubt an action movie, and one of the bloodiest that I’ve ever seen, but it also packs plenty of drama. Few movies will get your adrenaline pumping in one scene and eyes leaking in the next, but that is the caliber of film that is “Logan.” The movie, which Hugh Jackman says is his last as Wolverine, transcends the genre and sets the bar for future superhero films.

“Logan” is now showing at B&B Theatre’s Lebanon Ritz 8 Theatre.


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